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Lay Your Own Asphalt Driveway

Laying your own asphalt driveway could save a small fortune, but it’s not for the fainthearted. Follow our guide to see how easy it could be!


First up, you need to prepare yourself, both practically and mentally.

This is not an easy task, but it doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be done.

You need to marshal some buddies into helping you do this job. We recommend getting a team of four together.

Then, you need to be ready to roll your sleeves up and do some serious graft.


Once you and your cohorts are suitably psyched up for the task ahead, it is time to assemble the tools for the job.

Since laying your own driveway is not an everyday sort of job, you will need to make preparation in advance to get the tools needed to complete the task.

This includes things such as a dump truck, plate compactor, roller, a skid steer loader, a wheelbarrow and hand tools.

The size of your project will determine just how much of the heavy equipment is necessary for your job.


Now you are ready to prepare the ground where you will be laying the asphalt driveway.

Start as early as possible in the day. Take your time and be prepared to get it right.

The old driveway, if there is one, needs to come off.

To dispose of the old material, contact your local asphalt paving company in California. They may arrange to take the old asphalt for recycling free of charge, if you purchased the asphalt from you.

Even if you didn’t buy the asphalt from that provider, you could arrange to have it removed by one of California’s many asphalt paving companies for a small fee.

Now dig the driveway base out. The quality of the base is vital for the success of this project.

You need a high quality gravel, for the new base and to use the plate compactor to compact it properly.

When you lay your base, it should have a drainage slope of about one inch for every ten feet of length and width.


If you want to give your asphalt driveway the best chance of success and the longest possible lifespan (and you do!) then you should do it as a two part job.

Firstly, put down the asphalt binder and a top coat.

Any asphalt paving contractor in California should be able to sell you a driveway binder which is right for the job. It comes by the ton and will be heated to 450F – so is hot!!

Work out how much you should order, by multiplying the thickness you want by the length and width of the driveway. Then times by 0.72 and you get the rough amount you need.

So using an example of a thickness of 2 inches (which is recommended) and your driveway is fifty feet by ten, you will have to buy 5.76 tons. Or, once rounded up for safety, 6.5 tons.

Always round up, not down, when making your calculations. You don’t want to run out mid job!

Now the moment of laying the driveway is finally here.

Begin at the rear of the driveway and work outwards, towards to street.

You need a minimum of two people on the wheelbarrow and one person spreading it and another leveling it – if you can do.

When you are spreading the asphalt, you want to go over the recommended thickness a little bit. This is because it is going to be compacted (remember the roller!) afterwards and will become squashed down.

Once the asphalt begins to cool down, you can start to roll it. Take care to ensure this is as even as possible.

To finish, you can use driveway top mix. This doesn’t have to go on straight away and can be finished afterwards if it is easier to do so.

Even without using the driveway top, you can still use the driveway after twenty four hours have elapsed.

SUCCESS! You have laid your own asphalt driveway and saved thousands!